Our picking season runs from May until November and in that time we employ up to 220 people.


    What to expect:


    Before you start work, you will be given a full work induction and training. You will be required to work in teams of four. Money earned by the team is divided equally between the team members. You will have the opportunity to choose and change your team every week.


    Most of the work during the main season is picking.

    There is also other work available throughout  the year, which includes planting, weeding, working on tunnels and other husbandry jobs.

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    Most work is paid on a piecework basis, which means you are paid for the amount of fruit picked or other task that is set. If you achieve a good rate of work you will earn more than the minimim wage and you will be able to work longer hours.  However, if you have a consistently low rate, your pay has to be made up to the minimum wage and if you do not respond to retraining you may be dismissed. Fast ‘super’ pickers can earn much more than anyone else and often return to the job for many years.


    For non-piecework jobs, a bonus system is set allowing workers the opportunity to earn much more than the minimum wage. This bonus will depend on the quality of work and attitude.


    You will be paid holiday pay for all work.


    Due to the nature of the business, work often starts very early in the morning and can involve long hours.

    All the work on Lutton Farm is physically demanding and requires enthusiasm and commitment. The work involves a considerable amount of bending, walking and lifting. You must be physically able to perform this. Do expect aches and pains after your first weeks work. These should reduce over time as you become more accustomed to the work and you get fitter.



    Breaks are taken in accordance with UK employment legislation and are unpaid. It is compulsory to take these breaks.


    Everyone is given at least one day off in a week.


    Payslips are given out on a weekly basis and money is paid directly into your bank account.


    The weather in the UK is unpredictable and can change throughout the day, so please be prepared to work in all weather conditions.

What to bring:


   - Warm clothes for work

   - Waterproof boots and coat

   - Sleeping bag

   - Identification

   - Proof of right to work in the UK

   - Alarm clock

   - £100 to cover your living costs until your

     first payslip




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If you are interested in working for us then please email: work@luttonfarm.co.uk