Accommodation is in caravans shared with up to 4-5 other people. There are a total of approximately 45 caravans on the camp.


    You will be expected to cater for yourself whilst living on the farm. There are cooking facilities available in all caravans with cooker, fridge, microwave, cooking and eating utensils. Running water is not provided in the caravans.


    Toilets, showers and washbasins are provided in a separate area. Washing machines, tumble dryers and drying lines are also provided.


    The farm provides a communal area that employees can use for socialising and relaxing outside of work hours. There are BBQ`s, a table-tennis table, table football, a football pitch and volley-ball court for entertainment. Wireless internet service can be purchased from the office.

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    Accommodation is charged at £35 per week. However, if less than 15 hours work is offered there will be no charge for accommodation. Electricity is provided through electric meters. You can purchase electric cards from the farm.




    No cars are allowed to park on the site without prior permission from Lutton Farm management. 


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    Please remember, this is working accommodation on a farm therefore living conditions may not suit everyone. However, most participants find that friendship and co-operation are the main ingredients for a happy stay.


    We offer open air life, independence and the opportunity to meet others of different nationalities and similar ages.


    You are expected to comply with simple rules laid down for the smooth and safe running of the camp. Disregarding these may result in dismissal.


    If you would prefer, you can arrange your own accommodation and travel to work daily.

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During the main harvest season Catholic masses can be arranged in the local church if there is sufficient demand.

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    Lutton Farm is a friendly environment in the heart of the countryside. It is set in a rural location 20 minutes from Peterborough, where there are supermarkets, shopping centres, swimming pools, cinema, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. In the town you will also find a historic cathedral and library.


    London and Cambridge are less than an hour away, reachable directly by bus or train. There are also good connections to Birmingham, Northampton, Nottingham and Oxford.


   The small town of Oundle is situated only 6 miles from the farm. There you can find a variety of shops, banks and pubs, as well as the post office.

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